Golf Ball Recycling

The Driving Range has partnered with Golf Ball Recycling Company to recycle our used golf balls and reduce our carbon footprint.

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Golf has seen a resurgence over the past few years, we have introduced the game to more beginners than ever before, and we want to ensure that while growing the game, we are also preserving the environment for future golfers. That is why MGP has partnered with Golf Ball Recycling (GBR) to recycle our used golf balls.

Established in 2021, GBR is committed to the environment and was born from the need to reduce golf's carbon footprint. Their recycling program prevents discarded golf balls from ending up in landfills, lakes and other waterways by recycling them into multiple applications, including furniture, drainage systems, pathways, road and sculptures. 

During our recent renovations, we have seen this process go full circle. GBR removed our old and damaged golf balls from the facility, recycled and returned them to the concrete that formed the new pathways around the facility.

You can find out more about GBR's programs by visiting their website.