Introducing Melbourne Golf Park

The Albert Park Driving Range has been transformed into an all-inclusive golf entertainment facility, now known as Melbourne Golf Park.

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The Albert Park Driving Range opened in the late 1990s, and as you can imagine, there have been some changes to the game over the last 25+ years. To keep up with these changes and to make golf more accessible for all ages and abilities, we also needed to change with the times; that is how Melbourne Golf Park was born.

Melbourne Golf Park is an architecturally designed golf and leisure facility with over 60 driving range bays, Trackman Range Technology available in every bay, 2-mini golf courses (second course opening mid 2024), a modern cafe, function facilities and a rooftop bar that opens onto the upper level of the Driving Range and overlooks Albert Park Lake. We also host a team of highly respected PGA accredited Coaches in our Learning Centre, with lessons available seven days a week.

Our new facilities are more family-inclusive, with mini golf introducing the game to a younger generation, making it something the entire family can share. In addition, we have upgraded the building to be wheelchair/pram accessible. A lift from the ground level opens onto the rooftop bar and upstairs bays so everyone can enjoy the spectacular views of the city skyline and Albert Park Lake.

We have also partnered with Trackman to offer Trackman Range. Trackman Range is a game changer, a whole new way to practice, play and have fun. It has something for every skill level, including feedback and data-driven experience, making practice feel like a game. And if you want virtual golf, they have got that covered too. This is next-level technology. 

Melbourne Golf Park is the new home of golf entertainment!