Melbourne Golf Park

Mini Golf Rules

All patrons are required to adhere to the following safety rules when using the facilities at Melbourne Golf Park

  • No running
  • No smoking
  • Keep out of gardens
  • No climbing on fences, rocks, fixtures or water features
  • Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult
  • Any incident must be reported to MGP staff ASAP
  • Participants will be liable for damage to property through improper use
  • If it is unsafe to retrieve your ball, please see MGP staff
  • All participants use the facilities at their own risk
  • Video surveillance is in operation across the facility.

    MGP reserves the right to refuse entry/access to anyone who they believe is acting inappropriately and/or unsafely.

    We thank you for keeping MGP a safe place to come and play. Enjoy your round.

    Minigolf Course

    Minigolf Course and building

    Minigolf Course water hole